Inaugural Ceremony of 1st SAARC Energy Regulatorsí Meeting Honorable guests and participants in inaugural ceremony of 13th SAFIR core course National Mourning day observed by Commission View exchange meeting with stakeholders, Barisal  (Outreach program) Public hearing to determine gas tariff BERCís Stall in Electricity fair 2014 at BICC, Dhaka Distinguished guests and Participants of SAARC Energy Regulatorsí Meeting

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The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission was established on March 13, 2003 through a legislative Act of the Government of Bangladesh. The commission became effective on April 27, 2004 with the appointment of two, of the five member commission including the chairman. The chairman was appointed on June 4, 2005
The Commission has been established with the vision “To make provisions for the establishment of an independent and impartial regulatory commission for the energy sector”
Commission’s missions includes:
• Enforcement of fiscal discipline of the energy sector 
• Introduction of performance targets and incentive-based regulation 
• Introduction of uniform operational standards and quality of supply 
•Transparency in tariff determination and economic efficiency 
• Increased opportunities for development of competitive markets 
• Increased opportunities for efficiency and economic growth 
• Public involvement into the energy sector


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